8 tips for great nails


Every woman wants great long healthy looking nails. So here are some tips for you to try!


Beautiful and strong nails begin with you’re nutrition. Vitamin B, calcium and zinc make the nails stronger from the inside out. It is also fable that those white spots on the nails are a sign vitamin or calcium deficiency. It is actually air under a layer of the nail. You’re nails exist out of multiple layers. And you get them by bumping of a nail.


Everybody has another nail color. If you’re nails are not so white as you want, you can use a whitening nail polish. Still every nail color is different. So the outcome will differ by person. And if you don’t like the look, there is still the option of good opaque nailpolish.


Good nails start with nutrition and also with consistent care. The care of you’re nails start with the right habits. Filing you’re nails once a week. Also if there are no hangnails or other consistencies. This will keep them save and in the right shape. Every night pushing the cuticles back with a oil and cuticle pusher. Using a hand crème afterwards is what i do. Lately i will put also cotton gloves on to let the crème settel in the skin every night.


Use always a nail polish colored or translucent will make the nails stronger and less prone to wear out. Put also the polish on the tips of the nails. With everything you do with your nails you chip little parts off. The nails are made for protecting the hands. This will help also nail biters to stop.


The right nail file is a glass one or a cardboard with a maximal grid of 180. Anything else will only harm the nails. A glass file can only be used one way that makes hangnails something of the past. A metal file is a nightmare for the nails. You can make sawing motion that lets air between the layers. If you read this and use a metal file? throw it now in the garbage. And buy a glas file. You will thank yourself in the future.



For the prettiest nails you need a basecoat, color and topcoat. Use a cotton pad with acetone free nailpolish remover to prepare the nails. Make always stin layers. This dries better.  Apply a basecoat on al ten the nails. Start with the colored polish with using the less dominant hand to paint the dominant hand. You have still a lot of patience now so this will make the outcome better. Start the first stroke in the middel of the nail a quarter from the cuticle. Move the brush toward the cuticle but leave a few millimeter blank. Move to the tip and fill in the sides leaving also millimeters at the sides blank. Let this dry completely and then apply the second layer. Let it dry again and apply the topcoat. Also coat the tip of the nail.


When this is 95 procent dry wash you’re hands with soap and cold water. This way you touch the nails again, make sure the are completely dry and use them again. Without the fair of destroying the nails.


To remove the nail polish use a remover without acetone. Acetone dries out the nails. That makes them weaker. Always check the ingredient list because i had one time on the front label acetone free but it still stood in the ingredients list.

Never follow the trends unless its totally you.

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