Review: Peach blossom of Tommy Hilfiger


Today I have for you a perfume for your review. One that I have a very long and use on the days i don’t work. And can only wear fragrances on my work which we sell. Otherwise I say very oftenSorry but it was a limited edition. And that will stand out to much.

These are the ingredients:

Top: bergamot, peach, blackberries and black currants.

A beautiful fresh bergamot and bergamot leaves on white background.

perzik zwarte-bessenzwarte bramen Heart notes: Mimosa and iris.

Iris-Flower-7 mimosa






Base notes: musk, tonka bean and coconut.

Kokos Musk tonkabonen

Itself this is one of my favorite scents or not my favorite. The surprising thing is that it is a very soft fruity sweet fragrance. That is perfect for a beautiful spring day. It also really fits the image of Tommy Hilfiger. Despite being released in 2011, I think it is a timeless perfume.


You have a 30ml to โ‚ฌ 30.50 and โ‚ฌ 49.82 for 50ml. With a matching shower gel 150ml for โ‚ฌ 10,-. These prices are from the Netherlands 2016.

See you tomorrow.


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