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5 Minute decluttering projects.

So today i will tell you about a few chorus that you can do over the weekend. Naturally these make you more organizers and up your game as a girl boss.

Clean up the car.

If you have one it is probably a place where hou doend a lot of time in. Ging to and form word, holidays and ketting errands doen. Now it can be a place with a lot of stuff flying around. Not to mention when you have any accident any lose object can be life threatening. So time to make your daily commute a lot saver. I once needed a ride to something and my college at the time offert me one. Very nice of course but het car was a mess. The passenger side floor was al covered in old energie drink cans and what not.

First step is to get everything out of there. Put it all in a laundry basket and set of aside for now. Clean the car with a vacuüm and wash the outside. Dust everything off inside. Give the floor mats a good clean out. With a clean car like new, we are ging thru the laundry basket. Get a trash bah dit any old water bottle, coffee cup and any leftover takeout wrappers. Get that garbage bag full.

Clean out your handbag.

This one is a open door if you ask me. As in the book A Magic of Tidying up by Mari Kondo always empty your handbag at the end of the day. This way you never carry stuff you don ‘t need every day.

Junk drawer. 

Everyone has one. And they are all a mess. Some are at the kitchen or office. There is no need for. Of course you have always miscellaneous stuff lie around the house that end up in that drawer. Give them a logical place arround the house in order to keep the content of the junk drawer at a minimum.

Medicine bag.

Or kabinet is also possible. Get every expired medicine out of your house. Most of them will not work correctly anymore. Or even be more dangerous than good. Take them all to your local pharmacist to be destroyed. This way you can fill it up with medicine you don’t have anymore. Nothing is more annoying than needing paracetamol and don’t have it

Paper pile.

You know that pile is waiting on you for weeks now. Sort it by the following category’s: file, action no

w and later. First store away what’s in your file pile. Then go thru the action pile. Pay those bills,

make that appointment and go on. Do this till the pile is gone. The later pile you do the same as the action pile. The only difference is it has not the priority now. So when you did the file and action pile are done. You can take this one on., pub-4691612639561409, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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