14 things that every 25-year-old woman should be able to do.


Today i will tell you my opinion what every woman with the age of 25 years or older been able to do. Yes i am still 24 years old myself. But 25 sounds better you know.

Have her finance in order.

Do you know what comes in and goes out every month? Like your salary, groceries, subscriptions, insurances and any other fixed expenses? Take a piece of paper, make a vertical stripe in the middle. On the left top side write Income and on the right top side Expenses. Take last month bank statements so you will have a whole month. Just log in with your laptop/computer on your bank site. Note everything under Income and Expenses. All cash withdrawals are also expenses. Count both list up. Now you will see if you’re doing good or bad financially last month only. Are you in the green or red? Do this for 3 moths. Now you will know how much a month you’re left over. With this amount like €100 make an automatic redemption to your savings account. When you’re in the red cut the expenses where it can like you’re gym membership that you don’t use. Until you get in the green every month. O and those taxes every year? You will do them yourself.


Being alone and happy.

Learn to entertain yourself without people around you. Not every second of the day you have to be with someone. Make me time as well. Do you want to eat at that restaurant and nobody has time? Go and do it alone.

Trust you’re instinct.

That underbelly feeling you have when you are in a situation that feels uncomfortable. That is your mind telling you important information. Like that the new person you just met is not trust worthy. 100% accurate always. Listen to it and handle accordingly.

Learn to say No.

To anyone at any moment. When you’re not fine with the situation or question. Usually a reaction on the point before this one.

Replace a broken light bulb yourself.

You can do it yourself and don’t need any help. OK, maybe a YouTube video but nobody has to know. So fix that new button on your blouse, get that stain out of your pants and hang that painting on the wall. And that Ikea furniture is build in no time!


Learn to cook healthy for yourself.

Every day pizza and other junk food will not work in the end. Start small with scrambled eggs and build further from there. A homemade meal is the best meal anyway. When its burned no one knows, not even the pizza delivery boy.

Let go of negativity.

Put only your energy in people who give it back as well. One those people you can build upon. That so called friend that takes 10 attempts to make a dinner appointment with. Is not a time and money worth. Let is go! This also applies to any social media, physical items ect where you’re getting sad and tired from.

A hobby that makes you smile.

can be anything as long as when you see it or talk about it brings a big smile to your face.

Have a good face routine.

Know what type of skin you have. Wash your face daily with the correct products. Even if you don’t wear make up. Car exhaust and other nasty things get on your skin as well. You need to know what works for your skin.

Speak at least one language other than your native language.

And be good too very good at speaking and writing it. Most spoken languages are Mandarin: 955m speakers
Spanish: 405m, English: 360m, Hindi: 310m, Bengali: 300m. Choose one that fits your life well. Mine is English at the moment and i am dutch myself.

Forgive/be loyal and love yourself.

You’re are your best friend that is 100% reliable. So you failed at something? At least you tried it. Trust yourself and love every part of yourself.


Installing your own electronics.

All new electronics devices that you get make sure you understand it. Work with it en when it gives a error.

Educate yourself.

You have no idea what that word means? Look it up. Google will always help you.

Work to life, live not to work.

My work like my blog and own beauty salon is a hobby of mine and make me smile. Yes i get money out of it, but it makes me also happy. So keep a good balance in your work and private life.

See you next time.

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