Review: Nutritive vegetal of Yves Rocher


A few weeks ago i started with two new products. Choose these two because in winter time my skin gets very dry and even gets patches of eczema like skin. They are the nutritive vegetal day and night creme of Yves Rocher. Specially designed for the dry skin. The line is based of ash tree concentrate. Paraben, mineral oil and colorant free.


The day creme is very thick in the texture but still sinks in the skin very fast. Doesn’t leave a layer on the skin. The skin glows and looks healthy. Love to apply the creme in the morning after my morning swim in the pool. The tightness that you feel is gone right away. It is not needed to apply it again during the day. You can use this creme also at night but personally i should opt for combining with the night creme. This one cost €10.90 per pot.


Ingredients nutritive vegetal day creme.


The night creme is  even thicker than the day creme. And still sinks in my skin completely. It does take longer but at night i don’t mind. My extremely dry spots are in the morning less red and irritated. This cost €11.90 per tube.

Ingredients nutritive vegetal night creme.

Here in this picture you can see the texture difference real good. On right the night creme and the day on the left side. There is also a difference in the ingredients. in the day creme is Coconut oil, Aphloia theifformin leaf and Aphloia theifformin sap concentrate added. And in the night creme Rapeseed oil, and Fraximus ornus sap extract. Both they have Hamamelis virginiana flower water, Shea butter and Macadamia oil. I only focus on the plant based ingredients that i understand when reading a ingredient list.


I would repurchase the products again when i need them next winter. The result on the skin is good and not at al pricey.

See you next time.


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