12 Tips for better battery life of your phone.

If you’re phone dies every time around 3 pm? But you still need to use whatsapp, watch Youtube or travel from a to b with google maps? These tips are for you.

Close the apps.

Because you don’t close your apps bij pressing the go back button (probably the space on the right side of the home button. with a arrow) or home button. They still keep going out of sight. YouTube, Google and Facebook are great battery suckers. And we use them always. Swipe them away or use the button left next to the home button with the two squares.

Adjust the screen brightness.

Dim you’re screen as much as possible. Mine is about 50% all the time.

Email app.

Not so much the app itself is the problem but the constant checking for new email is. So go to setting and switch this off. You can always swipe down to refresh yourself.

Airplane mode.

When you don’t need your phone like at work. Put it on airplane mode to save energie.

Avoid heat.

Extreem heat like next to you while cooking is not good for any electric device. So don’t do it.

Energie save mode.

Every phone has a energie mode build in. Mine has two options, one that is still function with a few apps and the other that brings you back too 1970 with only massaging and call option.

Location and Bluetooth.

Switch these off when you don’t need it. Apps work fine without it. Don’t waste your battery.

Wifi versus 3G/4G

Wifi cost less battery life than 3G/4G so when you’re giving the option use wifi. But not a open one with all the security risks.

Software update.

Update regularly. Better for using it and great for the battery.

Vibration function.

Sound takes less energie that vibrating for a phone. So put it on sound when possible.

Push messages.

Same as the email app. Give a lot of apps push messages. On your lock screen and the numbers with the logo of the app. In your settings under notifications you can switch them of. Only my Food app, Instagram, whatsapp and Google agenda can still push messaging me. Delete all unused apps also.

Automatic lock.

Keep the automatic lock short. It’s saver and use less energie.

Integrate some or all of these habits and see the battery life longer.

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