Review: So elixer bois sensuel of Yves Rocher


today i have a perfume review for you of Yves Rocher. One i wear now since its winter here. It’s the new addition of the so elixir family. The perfume is a warm and feminine.To my opinion a very good perfume for a strong businesswoman.

The head ingredients are iris, patchouli and vanilla.

vanillapic Iris-Flower-7 patchouli

 The whole So elixir family gets all the same packaging as the bois sensuel.


The perfume cost from €36,- for a 30 ml and €54,- for 50 ml. Of course there is also a shower gel and body milk. These prices are without discounts.

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4 thoughts on “Review: So elixer bois sensuel of Yves Rocher

    1. Thank you Parthenia Gucker! I consider my blog not as the best one. But you’re comment lets me know that i am on the right track.

  1. I like your blog. It is nice to see real opinions. Opinions that are not sponsored…
    Internet is just full of people trying to sell things to you but you ARE NOT! Congratulations.
    I have to say that I also LOVE your HAIR!!!!!!

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